What is River Lights Winter Festival?

River Lights Winter Festival is a Volunteer Non Profit Organization.

The money needed to put on River Lights Winter Festival is raised
through generous donations, sponsorships, grants and fundraisers

River Lights Winter Festival has one part time employee - our administrator
and is run by a volunteer committee of 14 enthusiastic individuals with
the support of many wonderful volunteers.

Watch for 'Blinky the Snowman' throughout the Festival
and bring a 'toonie' to the lights!
Your donation will help ensure we can continue offering
excellent programs in the coming years - Thank you !!

Mission Statement

"River Lights Winter Festival is a non denominational program
that promotes community civic pride and inclusiveness
of local business and goodwill organizations in the downtown core,
along the riverfront, and in heritage sites.

This seasonal event provides innovative,
fun activities and displays which promote enjoyment,
cultural, artistic and economic benefits
to youth, seniors, visitors
and the community at large."